About Me:

Prabhdeep Singh

Hi, I am Prabhdeep Singh.

I am an experienced programmer, a disillusioned musician, an aspiring writer, a professional dreamer and a part-time philosopher.

I have spent way too much time of my childhood watching stars and asking unaswerable questions of life and death. So nowadays I like to spend most of my time in front of a laptop, or on the couch, or behind a book, or in my head.

About this blog:
I created this blog to change the world…

OK, that’s a lie. Changing the world requires an awful amount of work and I wonder if that is even possible by just typing in front of a screen.

Actually, I started this blog to share with you my musings on all those artistic things which make this world an interesting place to live in. To talk about things like literature, philosophy, music, movies and everything else that originates from the creative corners of a human mind.

And by telling you about all these things, I may not change the world, but at least I will make you realize how beautiful the world already is.

Cheers. To the world and to life.

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