Just give me the truth

Just give me the Truth

Don’t give me a Promise.
Like all things worldly, it breaks into bits.
Don’t give me the Blessings.
They are futile pleas from the mortal lips.
Just give me the Truth.
It’s the only eternal thing there is.

Don’t give me an Advice.
A shallow trick to succeed in life.
Don’t give me the Wisdom.
It’s the chain of dogma in disguise.
Just give me the Truth.
It’s all that I ever need to survive.

Don’t give me a Product.
A pill won’t help me, neither a gadget.
Don’t give me a Skill.
I’ll squander my life trying to encash it.
Just give me the Truth.
I’ll be pleased to steer my life with it.

Don’t give me the Praise.
Hated are the most those who are acclaimed.
Don’t give me the Virtue.
The pedestal’s not worth the price that’s paid.
Just give me the Truth.
I’ll glow in its glory before my final fate.


  1. The truth is – your thoughts are profound and you are really good at expressing them with the right words!

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